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Atopica is used to relieve the intense itching seen in dogs and cats suffering from atopic dermatis or atopy. This is a common condition caused by an allergy to inhaled allergens such as house dust, house dust mites and pollen grains. Atopica is often used as an alternative to steroid treatment so as to avoid the steroid side effects. Atopica works on the immune system to stop it reacting to the allergen. Atopy can be the cause of unpleasant symptoms such as constant itching, scratching and nibbling. If these are left untreated they will often continue for years, causing a significant reduction in quality of life. Atopica provides a dramatic improvement for most affected dogs and cats.

Atopica is best given on a completely empty stomach, so no food should be given for 2 hours before or after the Atopica capsules. Vomiting might sometimes occur. Once the symptoms of itching and scratching are under control, the dose can often be reduced and Atopica does not need to be given every day. Atopica is not suitable for very young animals. If skin infection is present as a complication of the atopic dermatitis, then this should be treated first.

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