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Avomine is a medicine that helps prevent, and helps to stop, travelsickness. Avomine blocks the messages to your brain from your ears andeyes that can confuse and cause feelings of nausea. Avomine may also be used for giddiness or light-headedness.Prevention and relief of travel sickness and general nauseaAdults and children over 10 years: Prevention of travel sicknesson long journeys: 1 tablet to be taken each night at bedtime startingon the night before travel. Prevention of travel sickness on shortjourneys: 1 tablet taken 1 or 2 hours before travel. Treatment of travelsickness: 1 tablet as soon as sickness is felt, followed by a secondtablet the same evening. A third tablet may be taken the followingevening if necessary.Children 5-10 years: half a tablet at the same time as for adults.Not for children under 5 years.Possible side effects:Can cause tiredness, dizzyness, restlessness. Some peoplemay experience blurred vision, a dry mouth or have difficulty passingwater. Do not drive or operate machinery if you are sufferingside-effects.Always read the label.

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