Image for Calpol Sugar-Free Infant Suspension Sachets 12x 5ml sachets

Calpol Sugar-Free Strawberry flavoured Infant Suspension Sachets 10x 5ml sachets containing in 5ml: Paracetamol 120mg. Treatment of mild to moderate pain (including teething pain) and as an anti-pyretic. Children: 4 times daily not more frequently than every 4 hours. 3 months to less than 1 year: 2.5 to 5ml, maximum 20ml in 24 hours. 1 year to less than 6 years: 5 to 10ml, maximum 40ml in 24hours. Under 3 months: a 2.5ml dose may be given for fever following vaccination at 2 months. In other cases only to be given under medical supervision.

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