Image for Care+ Eucalyptus Oil 25ml

EUCALYPTUS OIL is a clear to pale yellow oil which has a strong odour.For symptomatic relief of catarrh or minor muscular sprains & cramps.-this medicine is an essential oil and can be inhaled to relieve the symptoms of catarrh, acting as a decongestant- it can also be applied to the skin to provide warming relief ofminor muscular sprains and cramps.- it can be used on adults and children over 1 yearHOW TO USE ; - FOR CATARRH by inhalation- sprinkle a few drops onto a handkerchief and inhale the vapour as required. - or add a few drops to hot water and inhale steamy vapour as required. - FOR SPRAINS AND CRAMPS- apply it to the skin- sprinkle a few drops onto your hand and massage into the affected area.


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