Hycosan Dual Eye Drops - 7.5ml

What is Hycosan Dual?

Hycosan Dual is a sterile, preservative free solution containing 0.05 sodium hyoluronate, 2% ectoin, a borate buffer and water.  Sodium hyoluronate's and 2% ectoin dual mode of action lubricates the eye and stabilises the lipid layer of the tear film.  Contact lens compatible and maintains sterility for 6 months after opening. 

Hycosan Dual moisturises cornea and conjunctiva and protects against excessive evaporation of tears.  This stabilisation of tears relieves the infammatory symptoms of irritated eyes and it also relieves the itching and burning sensations associated with allergy.

How to use Hycosan Dual

Please read full instructions for details.

Always Read the Patient Information Leaflet Before Use and Consult Your Pharmacist or Optometrist.




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